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Preparing Kids for the Evolving World with Leah Coss

The world is evolving at a supersonic speed. Unfortunately, the education system is not evolving as fast as the world. We have seen careers become obsolete, and it's bound to continue happening in the future. What will happen to our children ten years from now? What will they do after school?

In this episode, we have Leah Coss joining us on the show. Leah and I will be talking about entrepreneurship for kids. Leah's life mission is to help better prepare kids for what's happening in the world to create better momentum in the world, not just progress in technology.

Leah is part of two organizations; Biz Kids, a non-profit in British Columbia, and Innovators Academy born courtesy of COVID. Leah will be telling us what they are doing to prepare kids for the evolving world. Also, she will describe her ideal school.

Are you ready for a thought-provoking episode? Listen in.

How the Innovators Academy Came About

Covid-19 came and changed how we do things. For Leah, Covid facilitated the birth of Innovators Academy, a big sister to Biz Kids. The BBK Network's Innovators Academy equips students with foundational skills like resilience, confidence, perspective, adaptability, leadership, communication, financial literacy, critical thinking, and decision making. These skills are practical and relevant but foundational to all future learning that this fast-paced world will demand of our kids as they get older.

Embracing Growth Mentality

A growth mindset comes from the people around you. For the kids, a growth mindset comes from the people they interact with, from parents to teachers to grocery store people. At BBK Innovators Academy, facilitators are encouraged to praise children for helping them build a growth mentality. The most frustrating thing with how the current education system works, is they need to measure a child in some way. It's comfortable with math or science, either they got it right, or they got it wrong, and there is no gray area. We need to create better humans, not better machines and the problem with those, you can't measure them.

Leah's Ideal School

What if the school was the school bus? Kids get picked up on a school bus or every day? The bus drives around? Every day, they're going to a park. They're working in a park or visiting a business and taking a tour of a company or a factory. They're going to a science lab, the museum, the Rec Center, or they are just in the world, instead of just going to the same box every day. Wouldn't that make the children better people?

Time Stamps

[00:33] Getting to know Leah and what she does

[10:54] How the Innovators Academy came about

 [13:15] Embracing growth mentality

[19:28] Leah's ideal school

[21:06] How to join Leah's program

[25:17] Leah's inner superpower


  • "The best moment to work on anything that you're working on is now."
  • "Household Wi-Fi is a human right at this stage because I don't think that there's any program the government could put in place to help a family who is in a vulnerable community in a lower income bracket to ever catch up with everyone else."
  • "Life needs to be fun. It needs to be something that you're playing with and enjoying."
  • "Perspective is what can help create fulfillment, peace of mind and a feeling of the good kind of control."

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Building a Sustainable World with Aaron Kuchirka

Aaron Kuchirka is the Chief Economist and Founder of Climate Smart Solutions, a startup that focuses on climate risk management, positions organizations for the changing climate and the possible effects. The company helps provide meaningful solutions to society while using technology and different forms of innovative thinking.


Aaron has had the opportunity to interact and partner with different organizations like Quest Tech. 


Something fascinating about Aron is that they purchased an old church to use in serving the community.


Tag along and get to hear Aaron talk about:

  • Effects of climatic change
  • Providing solutions to mitigate the effects.

Impacts of Climatic Change

Aaron explains that we have climatic impacts that have been happening forever. However, he continues to say that we are in a period where impacts such as storms or flooding hit an extreme like never before. Climate Smart Solutions provides ways to mitigate and prevent these impacts.


He gives an example of the Hailstorm that occurred in Calgary in 2020. People went through insurable damages and losses, and, unfortunately, it’s still likely to occur if nothing is done to mitigate such impacts. 

What Climate Solutions Does the Organization Offer?

Aaron’s organization finds a solution by performing risk assessments and calculating the ROI of mitigating that risk. They provide suggestions and bring along technological aspects that can solve the issue.


He further says that the company also works towards transforming waste into energy while incorporating necessary technologies. One excellent example is how to manage landfills and deal with trash.

About the Church House

Aaron tells us about how his family moved to Fruitvale, British Columbia, to a church property that they purchased.


He says that it has been fantastic spending time together as a family, especially during this challenging COVID period.


How do they plan to use the church? They have not yet settled on a specific idea for the church space but are currently working on building and recreating it.

Aaron’s Superpower

Being intentional and positive and focusing on how to move forward. “Fearless forward.”


[0:26] The mission of Climate Smart Solutions

[2:35] Does Climate change really matter?

[4:48] Impacts of climatic change

[7:28] Smart solutions

[12:28] The church

[15:50] Dealing with mental health

[17:00] Advice to entrepreneurs

Notable Quotes

  • The sky's the limit


  • Focus on your problem and marry it with your passion, then go out and do it, don’t talk about it too long; the execution is where it really happens.

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Empowering Senior to Middle-Level Managers and Small Business CEOs with Roxana Radulescu

Have you met leaders who lead because they feel like they are leaders and lead by giving orders and demands? We need to talk about leadership more and empower leaders. As a leader, you cannot pour from an empty cup. You need to nurture yourself first before you nurture others.

In this episode, we have a lady who has dedicated her life to empowering senior to middle-level managers and small business owners. Meet Roxana Radulescu. She is the owner of All Personal. Her goal is to help corporate managers and small business CEOs become dream bosses and build dream teams. Roxana and I will be talking about leadership and how she is impacting the leadership world.

Listen in and learn.

Working with Roxana 

Many people shy away from coaches because they are afraid that they may not afford to pay them. With Roxana, things are different. Roxana takes her time to understand you and your business for the initial conversation without charging you a dime. Once she gets to know you, she tailor makes something that suits your budget. Roxana prefers to work with your budget other than not serve you at all. If you need help with your hiring and onboarding process, reach out to Roxana.



Roxana’s Online Program

Roxana has online courses that people can pick and choose depending on what they want to learn and their priorities. Also, she has group coaching meetings every week. They meet once a week. If a group member is not available, they can submit their questions, and they watch the recording afterward. Roxana invites inspirational speakers to the group meetings to spice up things to inspire the group members and give them new ideas on how they can become better leaders.

What is Leadership?

According to Roxana, leadership is not about hierarchy. Leadership is about legacy. What are you leaving behind that other person can benefit from, even when you’re not there, or especially when you’re not there? When a leader is absent, it is when you see their real power. If your empire is going to crumble the minute, you’re not there. Then something is not right in that equation.

Time Stamps:

[00:30] Getting to know Roxana

[03:57]Working with Roxana

[12:32] Roxana’s online leadership program

[19:56] Roxana’s ted talk


  • “If you want people to perform, you want to let them know what you’re going to be measuring them on.”
  • “I’d rather help you as much as I can help within that budget than not help you at all right.”
  • “You can’t pour from an empty cup, you need to take care of yourself first.”
  • “I don’t believe in the type of leadership where the leader is isolated at the top and everybody expects the leader to know everything and do everything. Leadership is about team leadership. Who can take the helm and when.”
  • “To me leadership is not about hierarchy. Leadership is about legacy, what are you leaving behind that other people can benefit from?”
  • “If your empire is going to crumble, the minute you’re not there, then something is not right in that equation.”

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Re-discovering weightlifting and staying fit with Dr John Jaquish

Are you tired of going to the gym and still want to keep fit? You need to listen to John Jaquish keenly because he has a solution. He will be telling us why weightlifting is a waste of time. Dr Jaquish is the inventor of the world's most effective bone-density building medical device, as well as his new invention, which is the world's most powerful muscle-building device. He is partnered with people like Tony Robbins, and today, he shares a better way to train your body.

In this episode, Dr Jaquish will also share his thoughts on keto diets, intermittent fasting, his NASA publication, and grateful things.

How OsteoStrong Works

Osteostrong emulates high impact. It gives you the benefit of high-impact type activity without the role of high impact. It compresses a bone. For instance, if my humerus bone gets compressed from end to end, it will grow. The bone density will become more powerful.

Keto Diets and Intermittent Fasting

ketogenesis is a process of the human body. According to John, you can put ketosis on hold when you eat anything. The absence of anything is when you go to the most complex level of ketosis.  When it comes to fasting, he is a firm believer in dry fasting for 20 hours and eating in the remaining four-hour window.



John's Superpower

John takes pride in his ability to research on a subject, grab all the concepts and have the ability to speak on the subject.


[01:55] Endorsement by appreciation

[03:55] Osteostrong and how it reverses osteoporosis

[04:33] How John came up with the idea of creating Osteostrong

[13:19] John's view on people who spend time in the gym

[16:34] John's opinion on fitness

[21:06] John's thoughts on intermittent fasting and Keto diet

[23:32] John's intermittent fasting

[25:15] John's NASA publication

[29:52] How John became partners with Tony Robins

[30:26] Three things that John is grateful for

[32:27] John's inner superpower


  • "Triggering the body to fix itself is always going to make more sense than ingesting or taking an injection of a chemical that is not found in nature."
  • "Don't kill yourself, opening up a market for some clown, just jump in and copy you."
  • "It's the absence of anything when you go to the hardest level of ketosis."
  • "Everybody has the genetics to be an NFL player with variable resistance."
  • "The biggest difference between a guy who becomes an athlete and a guy who just can't is where their tendons connect to their bones."
  • "Marketing with controversy is okay if you can back up what you're trying to say."
  • "If it's a problem already, there is no solution. Otherwise, nobody would call it a problem. You try and fix it and don't come up with a solution. You're just as good as everybody else."
  • "Sometimes the biggest thing somebody has going against them is that they believe that they don't have the ability to pull something off."

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The Right Advice for Entrepreneurs with Jade Alberts

The Right Advice for Entrepreneurs

In today’s episode of the Super Entrepreneurs podcast, I’m joined by Jade Alberts. He is an entrepreneur who, at some point, exited his startup business. However, he is now the President and founder of Peer Guidance, an ecosystem to guide and interact with entrepreneurs. Jade also runs a weekly Facebook live show ’’Tell it Like it is.’’

Jade explains his endeavor in helping businesses in their struggles right from inception to exit.
He also gives an insight on how his podcast is a great networking place for different entrepreneurs.

How Jades Alberts Helps Entrepreneurs

After exiting entrepreneurship, people asked for Jade’s help in running successful businesses. That’s where he began his journey.

Jade says that they focus on giving the right advice to entrepreneurs regardless of how much money they can afford. The team’s major aim is to guide entrepreneurs rather than making profits. Their joy as a team is sharing knowledge with the startups.

Which Business Can Get Support?

Jade clarifies that they help startups in any industry and from whatever levels. The main goal is to help your business to succeed. Jade believes that the efforts to start any business are all the same.

Area of Operation

Currently, Jade provides business support services in Canada, focusing on Alberta companies.

Facebook Liveshow

Jade talks about his weekly Facebook Live show, which is usually every Wednesday at 9:30 am. He brings startup entrepreneurs to the show and lets them share their stories with the rest.

Connecting Businesses

Jade says that they have a diverse network and always know someone who can help if their team can’t. On another end, the company connects like-minded people who further form business partnerships.

Superpower Authenticity and honesty

Tune in and listen to our podcast as Jade talks about:

[00:39] Jade Alberts entrepreneurial journey
[01:53] Type of startups dealt with
[02:30] Industries that can get support
[03:10] Regions where the company operates
[04:12] Tell It Like It Is Facebook Live Show
[07:00] What differentiates the company from the rest. [09:30] Any other businesses

[13:18] Expanding the business
[16:47] The actual listeners to Jade’s podcast. [19:31] Awards won

Notable Quotes

‘’ Getting off the ground and starting your business, the guts of all businesses are the same.’’

‘’ Networking and connecting is the straw that stirs the drink when it comes to growing and making your business successful.’’

‘’ It is those little decisions that could cost you a lot of money.’’ Links

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Understanding and Supporting Startups

In today’s Super Entrepreneurs Podcast episode, I am joined by Dominique Sebastien, who works with a comprehensive team that takes an active role within an organization to generate revenue, raise capital, find the best talents, and set the correct communication channels.

Dominique’s Background

Dominique tells us about his tech world journey and how he built a tech platform and commercialized it. He tells us about his early years of developing a speed search engine, video games, and finally collecting data for advertisers.

Mistakes and Learning from Them

He says that he made his first mistake by not covering his fixed costs in 2001 as most of his partners died in the New York accident. He said that he learned that you couldn’t do business without knowing how to cover fixed costs as you can’t anticipate what will happen.

Going to Startup

Dominique states that six years ago, he went back to startup. There he focused on helping startups. He helps startups have a clear roadmap of the action plan.

Working with Startups

He says that the most important thing when working with a startup has trust. He says before they work with a startup. A startup has to address a real consumer issue and have a clear view of the potential market.

Valuing a Company

He talks about how a company is valued and how a company can improve its value. He talks about replacement value, intellectual property, the team, and the credibility of the company. He adds that your board of directors could increase your company’s value and credibility and help raise money.


Dominique talks about the procedure taken to patent a company. He adds that you don’t have to patent a whole company or app, but small keys such as methods and processes are patented.

Getting it Right

He adds that at first, he made mistakes helping startups because his services were expensive. He figured this out and corrected it by starting a firm rather than working as an individual. He also adds that startups should not go for hourly rates when getting help but rather objection based

Getting in Touch

Dominique talks about how startups can get in touch with them and the costs. When startups approach them, he says they work on a road map, analyze the business, decide on the best action plan, and set terms.


He gives recommendations on how to run a successful start-up. He says that you should not try to invest in many problems at the same time. He also adds that it should be simple. He finishes by adding that raising money is a step to making money.


Tune in and listen to Dominique talk about:

  • [00:40] Dominique’s Background
  • [01:56] Mistakes and Learning from Them
  • [04:40] Going back to Startups
  • [08:05] Working with Startups
  • [12:30] Valuing a Company
  • [17:05] Patenting
  • [22:10] Getting it Right
  • [25:19] Getting in Touch
  • [29:42] Recommendation

Christine McAlister: Turning Your Passion Into A 6-Figure Income

In today’s episode of Super Entrepreneurs Podcast, we have Christine McAlister. She is a business coach and the founder of Life With Passion, a company that helps entrepreneurs use their unique gifts to earn a living. She has also written a book called The Income Replacement Formula:  7 Simple Steps To Doing What You Love and Making 6 Figures From Anywhere. The book is available on Amazon.

Today, she speaks to us about creating a business around passion. Tune in to listen to the discussion about:



Life With Passion

Christine says that Life With Passion’s mission is to help people break from the 9-5 employment system and create a business around their passion. It was established to empower people all over the world through the vehicle of entrepreneurship.



Her superpower is simplicity. She also helps make it simple for people venturing into entrepreneurship. She says most people come to the field feeling it’s going to be hard; they don’t have enough time and have no idea where to start or do next. She, therefore, helps people know exactly what to do, even with the little time they have.




Choosing a niche

Christine also shares a few tips on choosing a niche that best suits you and can work easily. She says knowing what you need to do is key. Although you may feel like wanting to help everyone, having a specific niche is important. With over 4 billion people on the internet, she says any niche you go with has plenty of people.



She also shares the resources she uses to help people break away from the 9-5 system. Christine has a podcast, online courses, and she is also an author of a book that is available on Amazon.

She insists that what matters is the level of accountability you’re ready for with all these resources.

She also says having a coach, strategy, implementation, and clear mindset is necessary if you want to think like a million-dollar business.


The gift of passion

The gift of passion is given to us to improve our lives, and we can create anything we want from the gift of passion, mindset, and intuition. People just don’t realize how. This is why people need proper training, she says.


Looking into the future

Christine also shares her plans, revealing that she is adding two salespeople to her business for the first time. She is also planning to write more books and teach people how to grow organically without marketing.



“You need high-level support, accountability, strategies, implementation, and mindset to learn how to think like a million-dollar business.”


“With over 4 billion people online, any niche that you have, there’s plenty of people for it.”


“The more money we help more people make is going to flood the charity, NGOs with additional resources.”

[00:30] About Life With Passion

[00:40] Superpower

[01:40] Making it simple

[05:40] Choosing a niche

[07:20] Breaking free from 9-5

[13:00] Gathering the resources

[19:00] The gift of passion

[20:55] Changing the mindset

[27:50] Looking into the future

[29:50] About her book



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Accounting for Entrepreneurs With Clayton Achen

In today’s Super Entrepreneurs Podcast episode, I am joined by Clayton Achen, the founder, and leader of Achen Henderson CPAs, an accounting firm located in Chicago. Achen Henderson supports retail franchises, businesses, and individuals with their accounting and tax reporting needs.


Helping Startups

Clayton talks about his company’s role in helping startups. He says they help draft agreements between businesses and other clients, set up corporate structures, and set up accounting systems for the firms, and teach them how to run them.


Types of Businesses Engaged

 He says that his company deals with startups to established businesses, those with low and high revenues as they help them sort their accounting issues and manage their back office.


Wins and Downsides

Clayton talks about the wins and downsides they have faced. He highlights that they count their wins based on their clients’ wins. He also states that they have met flips as about 30 companies in the energy sector have had to close down.


Passion in Business

Clayton talks about his passion for business and accounting. He says that he joined business school and has an accounting background of about 15 years. This, he says, has helped him establish and run the company.


Company’s Growth

Our guest talks about the growth his company has gone through. He states how they started small in 2013 and how their accounting practice strength has led them to where they are today.


Recommendation on Industries to Venture.

Clayton says that an entrepreneur decides to venture into business, it depends on their passion and self-assessment of what they are capable of and what it takes to keep a business going.


Successful Startup

He says that to set up a successful start-up, one should be well-capitalized. This will help him hire the right help and avoid doing all the work and focusing on what’s important.


Having the Right Mindset

He adds that entrepreneurs focus on managing instead of leading. He says that they should adopt a sheep mentality and be leaders.


Mission, Vision, and Core values

Clayton talks that for a business to be successful, a clear outline of why it exists, what it aims to achieve, what it does to achieve, and how team members interact with each other should be set


Tune in and listen to Clayton talking about:

  • [02:09] Helping startups
  • [04:48] Type of business they deal with
  • [06:48] Wins and downsides
  • [08:16] Passion for business
  • [08:47] Growth
  • [11:09] Recommendations
  • [13:50] Key to a successful startup
  • [14:40] Mindset
  • [15:49] Missions, Vision and Core values



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Changing your Mindset and Improving your Relationship with Money with Leisa Peterson

You can achieve anything you want if you fix your internal programming. Many of us stand in the way of our success by holding on to our past experiences. The fact is, we can become anything we want if we change our mindset and get over our past.

Meet Leisa Peterson. She is a business strategist and money coach. She recently published a book with St. Martin's Press called the Mindful Millionaire. The book contains Chronicles of her journey and teaches people how to improve their relationship with money.

In this episode, Leisa and I will discuss changing your mindset and improving your relationship with money. Also, Leisa will be sharing her entrepreneurship journey.

The Mindful Millionaire

Leisa's book is for two audiences, someone like her, who has focused a lot on money and then reached a point in time where they're like, is that all there is, or I still worry about money no matter how much they have.  The other audience is people who have just never been able to figure it out with money like they're always struggling. They're still getting into debt.  The steps in this book have been tested in different parts of the world. In her book, Leisa shares actionable steps that you can take to improve your relationship with money.


Your mindset is a strong tool. It determines how far you can go in life. Unfortunately, many of us live by the outside circumstances instead of living inside out. That said, it is important to be aware that sometimes we reach places in our mindset where we get to a ceiling, and we can't go any further without a considerable breakthrough, like seeing the whole world through a different set of glasses.

Instant Gratification

In life, things take time, and we live in a world where instant gratification is the in thing. We want success on every project. The truth of entrepreneurship is, you're going to have 80% of your projects not hit the mark, and 20% will be successful. If we are too short term in our thought process of like, that didn't work, and that didn't work, and that didn't work. Therefore, I'm bad at this. We're likely to miss the significant opportunities to reach that 20% of projects that will do well for us.

Time Stamps

[00:23] Getting to know Leisa

[04:30] Leisa's book

[08:33] Changing our mindset

[21:58] Instant gratification

[26:51] Building relationships:

[30:10] Leisa's businesses


"You can achieve anything you want, if you kind of fix the internal, what programming like what's going on inside."

"We reach places, in our mindset, where we get to a ceiling and we can't go any further without a huge breakthrough, like seeing the whole world through a different set of glasses."

"If we are too short term in our thought process like ‘That didn't work, and that didn't work, therefore, I'm bad at this’ We're likely to miss the significant opportunities to reach those 20% of projects that are going to do well for us."

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Zero to Millionaire with Dana Wilde

Happiness is a path, and it is practical. Whenever you feel stuck or frustrated, always let happiness be your first stop. Many of us do not understand what happiness can do for us in every aspect of our lives. Our mindset can make us move mountains, but we hardly allow ourselves to get there.

In this episode, we have an amazing lady joining us. Her energy is out of this world, and her positive mindset is something to admire. Meet Dana Wilde! Dana and I will be talking about training the brain and happiness. Also, she will tell us how she got from zero to millionaire.

Are you ready to shift your mindset? Tune in.

Zero to Millionaire

Dana lived overseas for 10 years. She came back to the US when she was 38 years old. She had no job and no resume since she was living in a backpack for 10 years. She had to do something. She had a part-time job in the film industry, where she worked as an assistant director and built her business.

After doing her homework, she discovered that nobody was teaching about mindset. Her findings inspired her to write Train your Brain and  she taught it to her team. In 19 months, they went from zero to a million dollars. She sold that business, started another one from scratch doing the same thing and the business prospered.

Your Words Can Change Situations

Often, we find ourselves using negative words because of the situations we go through. One day, Dana’s team member called telling her things were not working out for her. She was doing a good job of making sales and booking parties, but the hostesses kept on cancelling the parties. She complained of the unreliability of the hostesses. Dana was invited to try a different set of words like “my hostesses are reliable” for 72 hours and sure, things started working out for her. Your words have the power to change a situation for the best or the worst.

Four Steps to Changing your Mindset

  1. Train your brain to wake up- when your brain is awake, and you’ll be in a position to catch negative thoughts when they start creeping in.
  2. Decide if you want your reticular activating system to keep matching the negative thoughts.
  3. Please find a way to talk about the current situation in a way that it feels good.
  4. Once you start feeling good about your situation, feel the positive emotions that go with the situation.

Dana’s Inner Super Power

Dana’s inner superpower is definitely a positive mindset, optimism, and propensity. She believes her positive mindset is something she was born with.



[00:44] How Dana got from zero to millionaire

[10:13] The power of knowing

[13:25] How you can change things around with just words

[20:35] Four steps to changing your mindset

[38:33] How to activate your RAS

[43:53] Dana’s inner superpower


  • “Your brain is your absolute best friend. It will do whatever you tell it to do.”
  • “There’s never a time where you get a free pass, and you don’t get to do the work. You always have to do the mindset work. If you want to get to the next level.”
  • “The problem is not the problem. The problem is that I keep thinking about and talking about the problem.”
  • “How do you go from zero to a million dollars in 19 months? You make happiness, your first stop.”
  • “When you’re frustrated, you close those creative pathways.”

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