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Giving value before marketing yourself

Fredrik Sandvall is an entrepreneur and mentor in the real estate and financing niche. 

He lives in London but spends most of his time travelling the world in an endeavour to make new great deals, lead teams, and help people while still doing it. 


Real Estate System.

Fredrik has a 5Fs strategy when it comes to finding and managing real estate deals. 


The 5 Fs stand for

  • Find it right - The right price is a low and cheap price that is below the market average. 
  • Fund - Find a way to fund the properties you’re interested in investing in.
  • Fix it - Add value to your new asset
  • Flip it or fill it
  • Flourish. - Keep growing from every deal that you make, learn and grow with every step you take.


Doing all these things right means a normal purchase becomes a source for huge profits for him and his associates. Once the deal has been done, Fredrik takes the profits he’s made and then recycles them into another project. 


The main source for Fredrik’s deals is ensuring he’s highly visible through giving free valuable advice and resources to people who are interested. 

A normal month for Fredrik involves an average of 2-3 speaking engagements in venture capitalism, private equity and real estate.


This usually offers him high returns in terms of constant phone calls from potential clients who would love to work with him. Fredrik enjoys this as he now has the option to cherry-pick the individuals he’d love to work with. 


Fredrik’s journey.

Since he was born and raised in Sweden, Fredrik found himself attending Military school in line with the laws of Sweden. 

Having graduated at the top of his class, Fredrik was tricked into becoming a Swedish Navy officer after getting constant approval and praises from the people in charge. 


When he joined the army, Fredrik wasn’t like his colleagues, he decided to take the extra step and invest in two side hustle businesses and also attend business school on a part-time basis. When he finally made the choice to make his flip from the army, Fredrik already had a good enough portfolio to back him up when joined a top Management consulting firm.


The time eventually came for Fredrik to also make another tough choice of moving on going solo on his consulting practice, and he did so in 2013. And by doing so meant he was leaving great shares, a fat salary and wonderful bonuses in the former company he was working at.


Giving Value. 

Fredrik believes in offering value first before making any business proposals. This is the main reason why he started his podcasts and also his weekly talks at various investment platforms. 


This is why Fredrik enjoys coaching mentoring people who are passionate about becoming investors. He’s helped dozen of individuals in their entrepreneurial journey through inside advice and helping them raise funds in the millions 

Once you’ve established yourself as an industry expert, you can then slowly raise your price and make the profits you want. 


To reach out to Fredrik, you can do so through his Crowdfunding platforms, namely; Crowd with us and Sapphire lending, where he’s always looking to make new deals, and in the process ensure that everyone involved makes a profit and goes home happy.


Fredrik’s Superpower

Fredrik's superpower is asking the right questions. He’s found out that this tends to bring the right answers and unlocking the solution to a lot of problems. 

Learn to ask the right questions, listen attentively and create valuable relationships. 



01:11 Fredrik’s business background

02:29 How he handles his real estate deals

05:28 Fredrik’s backstory

09:23 Experience working and living in Sweden

13:20 How to reach him if you want to work together

16:00 Hoarding real estate assets

19:48 How Fredrik helps newbies

23:11 Serving others as an entrepreneur

25:36 Tips on how to find mentors




Challenging and tough times are often doors that open the possibilities of new venture and business opportunities. 


Growth comes from knowing that you don’t know everything. By working with other people, you can learn more and adjust your goals in accordance to what you’re learning.


A lot of people tend to be risk-averse. They’re not prepared to do the hard work and take risks that come with being an entrepreneur. You need to break from this mentality to succeed.


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Entrepreneurship with John Lee Dumas

We are humbled to have John Lee Dumas, aka JLD grace us with his presence from Puerto Rico on today’s show. JLD is a serial entrepreneur and has a lot of knowledge and wisdom around entrepreneurship.

JLD is a veteran. He spent eight years in the US military. In this episode, our guest will be sharing great tips. Listen in and learn.


The right mindset is critical to take the first step because there are so many people that are just in this holding pattern because they have limiting beliefs. They have the imposter syndrome, which they say, who am I to launch a podcast to create a YouTube channel to create this product or develop this service? They don’t have the right mindset. Surround yourself with other like-minded individuals who are also struggling with mindset, who also have limiting beliefs. Together, you can be like all ships rise in a high tide; you can help each other, support each other, hold each other accountable.

Monetizing a Podcast

There’s no quick way to monetize a podcast. A podcast is a long-term game; you need to say to yourself, “I’m going to create a piece of content, which is a podcast, and I’m going to be in this for the long haul. I’m going to create 12 months’ worth of content. I’m going to continue to be consistent. You know, I’m going to continue to show up, and I’m going to deliver great value and real solutions to a real problem. I’m going to build up trust with my audience.”

 Once you’ve built up that and trust with your audience over time, go to them and ask what they are struggling with right now? Once you know their biggest struggle, create a fantastic solution for them. You can offer that as a product or a service or a community or coaching or whatever that might be. Podcasting takes time.

JLD’s Inner Super Power 

Consistency 100%. He did 2000 episodes in 2000 days. So every day. For 2000 days in a row, he published an episode for entrepreneurs on fire every day. For 2000 days, he published an episode for entrepreneurs on fire 2000 days, 2000 episodes. That is why he won. He the best daily podcast interviewing entrepreneurs. When he launched in 2012, he was also the worst daily podcast interviewing entrepreneurs. He was the only daily podcast interviewing entrepreneurs.


[01:29] The Freedom Journal

[04:16] JLD’s entrepreneurship ventures

[04:54] Mindset tips

[11:10] Tips for monetizing a podcast

[12:52] JLD’s inner superpower


  • “If you want to speed up the process, you always go to someone who’s already been there.”
  • “The right mindset is critical to take the first step.”
  • “Identify the biggest pain point your audience has, and then create the solution for them.”
  • “Having that foundation on mindset first, before you go into any venture makes a world of difference.”

Connect with John Lee Dumas, aka JLD:

The Freedom Journal





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Self-development as a key resource for business Growth

Johnny Dzubak is an author and co-founder of The Art of Charm, a podcast and coaching platform that deals with relationship coaching. Johnny alongside AJ Harbinger uses their podcast as a tool to help their listeners in realizing their full self-potential and build a dream life they’re proud of. 


Diversification of Communication

The internet is still in its Wild West phase; different information and media platforms like podcasts, blogs, social media are still trying to take control. 

Johnny compares the current internet power squabble to the fight that’s been happening between different communication platforms over the ages. For example, with the invention of the printing press, Martin Luther famously quoted the power that people gained through personally translating the Bible. 

Radios and Televisions are the other mediums that came in and revolutionized how information is fed to the masses.  

With the power now shifting to internet-based information sharing platforms; bloggers, podcasters, writers, SM influencers and vloggers now command a lot of communication authority. 

It’s important now more than ever for the ones vested with this tremendous power to learn personal responsibility and engage only in positive information sharing. 


Growth of the Podcast


With the growth of the internet, Johnny and his Co-host identified the rise of a need for technically advanced men to seek advice on how to flirt with girls online. 

This marked the launch and successful growth of the Art of Charm Podcast as a reliable source where young men acquired dating and relationship tips. 

Their platform has ever since grown to be a source for general relationship advice, with Johnny and AJ leveraging on their 11+ years of coaching experience to share practices, stories, and strategies to empower their listeners and clients. 


Growth Mindset. 

The reason life gets tougher is that our bodies stop growing, and begin to age. 

Whilst growth is characterized by passion, enthusiasm, speed, and strength; ageing on the other hand is characterized by a slow ride down the hill where our bodies and minds get frailer with every passing day.  

There’s still hope though. If you can find other ways to continue growing, you not only slow your ageing, but also reverse the negative effects of old age into positive continuous growth for your body, mind and spirit. 


Rather than trying to fight the downhill journey by tooth and nail, you can leverage the following strategies to keep your growth pattern high and steady;

  • Keep your physical stamina high by going to the gym and exercising more often. 

Remember to eat more consciously too. 

  • Emotional growth can be sustained by showing more interest in human experience. Research and learn how to compensate for your weaknesses by finding and leveraging your strengths. 
  • Mental growth - Take new opportunities to keep learning. A philosophical journey encompasses your personal inner relationship; finding out more about your life’s purpose including what drives and scares you. 


For intellectual stimulation to occur, one has to adopt a growth mindset. Constantly expose yourself to new ideas, and learn to filter out concepts that you do not need, and only remain with the ones that serve your growth. 


Seek better ways to grow socially too. We as human beings are naturally social creatures. What brings us joy more than anything is our service to others. 

Link your purpose to servitude, and you’ll experience tremendous joy in all three aspects of your life. 


The journey to self-Knowledge. 

Learning to know yourself is no easy task. 

However, the self-growth tools that have existed for countless generations, are still present to date. Such tools include; mediation, gratitude practise, focus, value-based living and servitude.

Like everything in nature, humans too, have their dark sides.


People who end up being successful, happy or masters of their crafts, are the ones who have learnt to accept their flaws, and constantly work on how to become better people.


We all grow up in different environments, which result in different characters and personalities. 

We thus owe it to ourselves to reflect and understand our past environments, list down the strengths and weaknesses that have resulted from them, and learn how to embrace and grow from it all.  

It can be intimidating to face your fears and weaknesses, but as an entrepreneur, you tend to wear a lot of hats, and the best way forward, is to face your incompetence for continued personal and professional growth.  


Johnny’s superpower. 

The ability to observe. Johnny takes the time to observe with all his senses and takes in emotional bids from every situation. 

Our emotions, tied to how we connect with other people, determine how much we take in, process, and understand about other people. 

Learn to listen with both your ears and eyes. Notice the small things about other people, and you’ll accomplish wonders through emotional connections.



01:14 The growth of podcasting

05:13 About the podcast

06:00 Relationship advice

07:47 Learning to keep growing in life. 

11:43 Knowing thyself.

15:35 Johnny’s journey growing up

20:48 Johnny’s self-developed and career journey. 

26:00 More of what Johnny’s services are

29:17 Johnny’s superpower

32:46 Breaking out of the herd as an entrepreneur



  • With the power vested in our hands to share information. It’s important we step up and take responsibility to share information for the good of humanity. 
  • Work on yourself and get better, not only will you bring in more ladies to the table, but better relationships and a better life.
  • Don’t be afraid to learn and try new ideas. Some will hurt you, and others will build you. Learn to take in only what you need, and evolve by learning more ideas every day. 
  • What brings us the most joy, is our service to others.
  • If we don’t focus on understanding and changing our core beliefs, then it’s impossible to find the answers we’re looking for in life.
  • The most successful people are the ones that have learnt how to accept their dark side. They embrace their flaws and work on them to be better.
  • With the technology we have, there’s no reason to can’t do what you're passionate about, whilst still learning new things. 


Connect with Johnny. 


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Changing your mindset to achieve success

My guest for the day is Danielle Amos. Danielle is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and mindset coach. She’s also a Business Consultant working with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and focuses on confidence and money manifestation.


It’s in Danielle’s core belief that we can only achieve success in our lives by learning to treat our minds, bodies and souls in relation to the life we desire. 


While working in the corporate world, Danielle focused on working harder every day in order to climb the ladder of success and earn the six figure salary she always dreamed of. 

Unfortunately, the ladder of success didn’t seem to have any end for Danielle. Every time she hit a new corporate success, Danielle felt the urge to go even further. This resulted in a circle of devastation where Danielle realized that she was never satisfied or happy with what she earns. 


The key to breaking this prison for her was when she decided to change her mentality and beliefs about her work and life. Once she changed her perception, Danielle experienced a shift in all areas of her life, and success became a norm for her everyday hustle. 


Escaping the paradigm. 

We’ve all been brought up to believe that hard work is the key to success. Contrary to this opinion, it's changing your mindset that can open up the door to abundant success. 

As a mindset coach, Danielle can tell a lot about her clients by the goals they’ve set in their lives and whether or not they’ve achieved them. A lot of individuals tend to focus on strategy as a means of getting the results they dream of, which is totally wrong. Success as Danielle points out is 95% mindset and only 5% strategy/execution.


The popular belief of hard work can be seen manifesting in our society by the paradigms in our homes and workplaces. The only way to escape the mental prison of struggling to live a life you’re not satisfied with is by taking a bird’s eye view of how your habits, why you engage in them and dive deep into your mindset in order to change them. 



As an entrepreneur, Danielle has adopted the habit of taking 5 minutes before every meeting and writing what she wants the results of the meeting to be. This has helped her 9/10 times achieve the outcome she wants. 

Afterwards, Danielle reviews the meeting results and looks at areas she can improve, whilst still appreciating the success she’s achieved. 



  • Success in any area of life, whether it's health, business or relationships is 95% mindset and 5% strategy.
  • Are they achieving their goals or do they create a goal and then get stopped, that all comes back to what is steep in their subconscious mind. And that's a really good place to start our conversation 
  • It all comes back to the subconscious mind. Whether you’re achieving the goals you’ve set for your life, or changing your goals to accommodate failure, is all based on your mindset. Thus it can be fixed by diving into the subconscious mind. 
  • The mindset is actually the root of everything. It's the cause of the results we experience in our lives. So our results are always a reflection of where our minds are. 


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Growing through vulnerable conversations.

I’m joined by Jeremy Todd on the show today. Jeremy and I talk about motivation, mindset, accountability and the power of vulnerability. Listen to find out tips on the power of habit, routine and honesty in being happy and successful. 


Having started out as a salesman, Jeremy enjoys giving motivational talks and tips on how to be a great salesman. His passion for inspiring other people is what led him to start his podcast, through which he hopes to help those stuck in the treadmill of life. 


Jeremy shares why it’s important to open up and talk about your shortcomings and challenges in life. Being vulnerable can go a long way in unburdening life’s troubles from your mind, thus helping you become the better version of yourself. 

We also talk about why it’s important to have a consistent daily routine. Through repetition, we absorb information into the deeper recess of our minds, helping us become better at solving future problems. 


Being Busy Vs Being Productive

It’s easy to be busy and not productive. A lot of people are usually busy but very unproductive. The key to achieving more in life is focusing on what you can do best, and doing it with all your might and strength. This is how we become productive. 

It’s also important to invest in a life coach to help you become more accountable of your life goals. 

And don’t just hire any coach. There’s a lot of fake life gurus all over social media. 

Filtering the fake from the real can be the major determinant as to the direction of your life in regards to taking accountable action to achieve what you desire. 

By having a coach who is open, honest and vulnerable, also helps you be just as vulnerable. 


Jeremy’s Superpower. 

Jeremy’s superpower is his vulnerability.  Jeremy always makes sure to constantly check his ego and ask for help where he’s not good at. 

Genuinely asking for help can greatly improve your skillset, as 99% of people are more than willing to offer a helping hand when asked. 

By being vulnerable, we can also inspire other people to open up and be just as authentic as ourselves. 


We wind up with Jeremy discussing why it’s important to expand your horizon by travelling, networking and meeting new people in life. Socializing in such a manner helps you become more open-minded and socially intelligent. 


Even though it’s difficult to see it at the moment, vulnerabilities are opportunities for you to show your greatness. It’s during our darkest hour that we have the power to open up and grow through honesty. 


In life, the two most important days of your life are the day you're born and the day you find out why. And I truly believe the day I found out my why was when I started motivating and helping people.


Sometimes not being in control is the best thing. Letting go of the steering wheel, and being open about what you’re struggling with can be the key changing moment that you need. Learn to be open about what you’re going through, and if not for yourself, then you should do it for your close friends and family.




00:39 Todd’s background 

03:00 Keeping a positive environment

05:48 Practicing routine. 

06:06 Accountability and life coaches. 

13:22 Moving from your comfort zone 

16:24 Being busy versus being productive

20:31 Creating good habits

22:08 Embracing our individual uniqueness through the process of life.

24:31 The power of calmness

25:46 Letting vulnerability become your strength

29:54 Finding balance in life 


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Leading with authority

Joining us from Denver, Colorado, Mike Saunders is an authority positioning strategist. He helps entrepreneurs be seen as a number one authority and expert in their market so that they are the obvious choice to their clients. He offers a variety of expert positioning packages, all geared to make his clients look like the celebrities that they need to be. 


Mike finished his MBA in marketing about 10 years ago. He then started his consulting firm and was involved in a diverse range of marketing services to his clients. From text message marketing to SEO, Email and Social media marketing. 


After a while, he decided that to become a better professional and grow his business, he’d focus on one niche - which is Recovery marketing Consulting. 


Podcasting publishing and publicity. 

Mike helps his clients generate and market best-selling content from simple media platforms. 

Through podcast interviews, for example, Mike helps individuals cover topics they otherwise wouldn’t be comfortable covering in other forms of marketing. 

Through the podcast interviews, Mike then turns these episodes into a PR strategy, where he markets the interview content on various social media and blogging platforms. 

It doesn’t just end there though, Mike still leverages the podcast content from his clients to turn them into best-selling Amazon books. And in doing so, Mike has achieved the milestone of making his clients best-sellers without them having to write a single word. 


Mike also teaches his clients how to launch, grow and leverage podcasts to attract new clients. 


Authority marketing. 

Mike positions media assets such as podcast interviews, best-selling books, e-books and other generated content into authority assets for better lead generation. 


To explain what authority assets really are and how they’re unique from the regular marketing schemes, think about ads by Facebook, Google, or even Instagram, They’re all paid ads, and disappear the moment you stop paying for them. 

So a Facebook ad campaign is not an asset. It's only an asset as long as you're paying for it. But if you have a press release, a new book or podcast interview, then you have the chance to make them long-term authority assets by offering them for free as a strategy of getting new clients on the different platforms you’re trying to create authority. 

For example, you can offer free downloads for your book that’s posted on your website just so you can get new leads for your email marketing. 


You have to learn to manufacture your own authority through non-ad strategies. Don't just rely on regular content ads that are used by every other business, go the extra step by generating content that’s informative and share it using the free, basic tools at your disposal. 


Mike’s superpower

Mike’s superpower is seeing an opportunity in people’s businesses where it could offer the solution to a problem. He tries to view businesses in a way that he’s looking at how they can best fit a puzzle in a business problem. Solutions, not even the business owners themselves can see. 

Once you see these problems and solutions you can then give your clients a blueprint roadmap of how they can grow their business.



00:48 About Mike’s business

03:02 Mike’s three packages: podcasting, publishing and publicity

04:57 Promoting your book

06:40 Mike’s newest book and how he’s marketed it

08:15 Comparing different bestseller platforms. 

11:15 Focusing on one theme when marketing your content

12:11 Mike’s different strategies to write books

13:58 How to build authority assets without ads

14:52 Working as a Forbes coach council

17:33 Building Prospects with authority

21:35 Clients that Mike works with

25:41 Mike’s partying advice.



You can write a book, which becomes an asset, but what good is it to you if nobody knows about it. You have to go out of your way to market and get leads from it.


It’s your duty as an entrepreneur to teach your target audience your knowledge in bits. 


A lot of entrepreneurs sit around and wait for the media to find them. Sorry to disappoint but, 99.9% of the time the media won't find you. You have to take action to manufacture your own authority


Where your message is situated, is often more powerful than your actual message. Find the best platform to market your content.


Connect with Mike

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Cryptocurrencies; The future of world finance and baking With Rob McNealy

Joining us on the show all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah, is Rob McNealy. 


Rob is a crypto entrepreneur and the host of The Rob McNealy Program, a show where he interviews thought leaders from the fields of entrepreneurship, startups and cryptocurrency. 


The universal settlement coin

For the past 18 years, Entrepreneurship has been a part and parcel of Rob’s lifestyle. 

When starting off as a young entrepreneur in the year 2002, Rob invested his time and focus on a bunch of side hustles, mainly because his aim was to learn, and not earn. And by doing so, establish himself as an expert in the field he would choose to focus on. 


Rob’s TUSC cryptocurrency project is actually a 3 year passion project, since he has a day job, where he runs his own forensic consultancy firm. 


It's in the nature of an entrepreneur to alway want to be in control of his ventures, but Rob has learnt to have a more open minded and less authoritative approach to his crypto project; mostly due to its decentralized nature as a community project. 

However, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry excites him because of its cutting edge technology and uncertainty aspect that tags along with it. 

It kind of in a way reminds Rob of the rise of the .com era. 


How TUSC is different from the other cryptocurrencies. 

Rob defines TUSC as a cross between a corporation and a non profit. 


The major difference between TUSC and other crypts such as Bitcoin, is in the way Rob and his team are marketing their project. 

They’re pushing for the mass adoption of their crypto as the standard in the US guns industry through advertising strategies like social outreach, educating communities, holding people’s hands throughout the entire experience etc. 


Also, unlike most Crypto startups, TUSC isn’t just composed of engineers and developers, Rob’s team is a mixed variation of individuals from different professions and walks of life, all with the sole aim of getting a pool of different viewpoints  on how to further develop, market and scale their operations. 


Why Rob and his team decided to focus on one industry.


Just like Jeff Bezos picked books over e-commerce in starting and growing Amazon, is the same way Rob and his team analysed the different US markets i.e; gambling, pornograph, cannabis, CBD, pawn shops, payday lenders, refugees and immigrants before deciding to pick the US gun industry. They figured they’d settle on this because it was the only one in their list of options which is not only constitutionally protected,  but rakes in an annual revenue of  $50 billion+


Rob’s Superpower

Now 48. Rob’s superpower is learning to be patient and focusing on the right niche. 


Rob is also damn good at networking and building new relationships too. 

Rob’s networking outreach demands of him to look at the different ways that a project will result in a win-win for everyone involved before even making his proposal.  


Rob’s full proof advice for success when you’re starting up in a new venture; When getting into a new market, look for the past, or current president of the biggest trade association in the market industry. Reach out to them and humbly request them to be on the board of advisors, praise them, and give them great incentives in terms of good pay and the role they’ll play in your new start up. 



02:32 About TUSC

04:15 It’s a new era. A cryptocurrency era

07:54 How cryptocurrency is evolving

13:09 Difference between TUSC and bitcoin

16:21 How TUSC has grown over the years

20:09 Why Cryptos haven’t been growing as projected

24:31 How Rob analysed the market before picking a niche

30:27 Why Rob and his team chose the Gun Industry in the Us

33:27 How they’re solving problems in the Gun Industry.

37:10 Their plan to branch into other markets

39:28 How you can use their cryptocurrency 

42:23 The power of networking.



•I had a bunch of side hustles when I started off as an entrepreneur. So that’s my advice for the ones starting, don’t just throw all your dice and eggs in one basket, start side hustles and learn from them first.


•The shift that the worldwide webb made for ecommerce and retail in general, is the same paradigm shift that cryptos are making for the finance, payments and banking systems. 


•The indicators for growth are different In relevance to the industry you’re in and the milestones you’re trying to achieve. And for us, it’s all about getting real actual users.


•As an entrepreneur, I have to know what problem I’m solving even before  I think of investing in a startup. The reason a lot of cryptocurrencies haven’t grown is that they mostly consist of developers and engineers who aren’t experienced, and don’t like the topics of sales, marketing and business development. 


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Turning your Passion into a Business with Thom Singer

Turning your Passion into a Business with Thom Singer

If you allow your passion to become your purpose, one day, it might become your business.

In today's episode, we have Thom Singer joining us in the show. Thom has a great life story that we all can draw inspiration from. He makes a living in two worlds. One, he works for an executive search firm, which he started doing recently. Two, for 12 years, he has made a living as a professional speaker and master of ceremonies for big corporate events. Also, he is a business coach and an upcoming life coach.

Thom is a living testimony of what happens when you allow your passion to become your purpose. Thom's passion has made him an entrepreneur. His dedication and determination to always get better have molded him into the great person he is today.

In this episode, Thom shares with us his career and entrepreneurial journey. Also, he talks about the effect of COVID in businesses and the power of having a mentor.

Are you ready to get inspired? This episode is for you.

Thom's Super Power

Thom takes pride in making the best twice baked potatoes that any of us has ever tasted.

Thom and three other professional speakers are in a mastermind.  Twice a year, they go on and rent an Airbnb for three days. The entire time, they talk about business. On their first night, they eat out. On the second night, they take turns cooking. Thom bakes his twice baked potatoes that cannot be found in any restaurant. 

Thom uses a secret recipe that he doesn’t share with anyone.


01:16 Getting to know Thom

01:22 Thom's speaking business

06:44 Thom's current employer

08:12 COVID Effects on executive hiring

09:59 Meet Thom, the business coach

12:30 Making Waves at Sea Level podcast (Thom’s podcast)

14:33 Thom's plans for the next five years

25:52 Every pandemic comes with opportunities: Making the best out of a pandemic

30:53 Coaching and mentoring

38:03 Thom's superpower


Everything that goes into live meetings, it's a bigger hit on the GDP than the automotive business.

The entrepreneurial people realize that in a down-turn is the time to sharpen your saw and get out there and figure out new things.

Be slow to anger, and fast to forgive, so that you can put your emotions and your attention into the things that matter.

Connect with Thom Singer


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Leveraging the power of mentors to shorten your success journey.

Leveraging the power of mentors to shorten your success journey.


I’m honoured to host Matt Aitchison on the show today. 


Matt is an entrepreneur who leverages real estate as the vehicle to branch out and explore new business ventures and live the life he loves. 

Matt enjoys mentoring and coaching people on how to navigate around real estate and in doing so use real estate as the foundation for financial freedom for themselves and other people. 


Working as a real estate investor has helped Matt network with a lot of individuals and grow his pool of financial and human resources, all of which helps him grow his value both as a businessman and human being. 


And because it’s always about bettering yourself everyday, Matt is always looking for new ways to grow and develop, not just financially, but socially too. His greatest passion is adding value into other people’s lives, and leaving them a little happier and wealthier than when they first connected. 


Matt’s journey.

Matt was always sure of what he wanted from life. 

Once he graduated college, Matt visited Craigslist and began scrolling for jobs that would help him create the financial and social life that he’d always dreamed of. 

While scrolling, Matt came across an ad that was about being mentored into making $10,000 a week. Only 21 at the time, Matt without a second thought, jumped to the offer, and that’s how he ended up working for a real estate flipper. 


One year down the line, Matt alongside his mentor had flipped about 100 houses. This helped him understand the real estate marked, and garner the confidence that he needed to go out on his own. 


Matt flipped his first house and netted over $106,000. This lit up a fire in him, and he’s been flipping houses and slowly establishing his mark in the real estate industry ever since.


Over the last 9 years, Matt has flipped hundreds of properties, scaled his businesses and created an ecosystem of different business ventures in the real estate niche. 


The power of mindset. 

Matt owes a lot of his current success to his winning mindset. In real estate, a lot of people tend to be afraid and complacent when it comes to taking action and making actual investments.

Safety nets such as working with coaches and mentors, can greatly help anyone to achieve mastery in any niche. 

Matt trusts in the power of mentors simply because;  They have enough experience, network and tools to help him be and achieve what he wants. 

Mentors for him are a way to shorten his learning curve. 

You don’t have to always have it all figured out. You Just have to be smart enough to take action everyday as you learn from mentors who have already achieved success in your area. 

Remember to always surround yourself with winners, and people you admire. This way, you too will manifest the life that you desire. 


Matt’s superpower. 

Matt has two superpowers. 

Asking the right questions and being a great listener. 

He’s learned this quality from people that are way smarter and more accomplished than him. Such individuals are ever curious, talk less, and listen a lot. 

It’s for this reason that Matt sees himself a sponge. Always willing to learn from other people, and reciprocate what he’s learned by adding value into other people’s lives. 

In Order to attract the right mentors into your life, Matt suggests that you adopt being likable. 

You can do this by following the Likability formula - Staying confident, humble and knowing your value. 



00:31 Matt’s short intro

00:31 How Matt started in real estate

05:59 More about Matt’s success journey

13:45 Diversifying into other sectors

15:02 How Matt helps clients

16:46 Investing in real estate even when you’re broke

17:43 Coaching program

21:13 Relating his success to mindset

21:59 Importance of mentors

27:00 Being in the right environment

29:19 Matt’s superpower

31:58 The likeability formula


I’m always looking to improve and grow myself. I want to live like a millionaire, not just in my bank account, but also in all other areas of my life; from being a husband, father, friend, and leader in society. 


I didn’t want a cap or ceiling over what I could make as my income. I wanted to be in total control of what I earn, whilst still creating wealth, and adding value into other people’s lives. And real estate provided this opportunity for me. 


The reason I love surrounding myself with mentors and coaches is because they have the results that I want. They have the wisdom, experience, network and tools, to help shorten my learning curve. 


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How to Grow through embracing challenges

How to Grow through embracing challenges. 


Dr. Jay Feldman is an entrepreneur and the host of Mentors Collective Entrepreneurs. 

Before he became a businessman, Jay’s first career was in Medicine. He attended 4 years in college, followed by 4 more years in Med school, and later on attended medical training in order to become a licenced doctor. 


All throughout med school, Jay’s heart and focus was on running his different online businesses that he had just founded.  After a year in medical training, Jay was sure that medicine wasn’t something he’d love to practice as a career, and so he pivoted into managing his businesses full time. 

Some of the businesses that Jay runs include; 

a social media growth and management agency, a PR agency, a Nutritional Supplement ecommerce company, and a portable home gym company. 

However, Jay’s bread and butter is the PR and Media agency that he runs. Otter PR is the name of the company, and through it, Jay helps individuals to build credibility and establish themselves as thought leaders in their specific industries. 


Jay’s Superpower. 

Jay’s superpower is his ADD. Jay is always shifting from one thing to another when he’s focusing on his work. He’s always thinking of the next big idea and finds it very hard to act on just one single project. This is what made him such a badass med student, and the creative business partner and entrepreneur that he is. 

He tries to keep himself in challenging environments that force him to learn new skills in order to grow and adapt. 

With the amount of resources and mentors at our disposal in today’s world, Jay sees this as the perfect time to utilize the opportunities during our current generation in order to build and run a successful business empire. 

Jay is particularly grateful for having the opportunity to do what he loves and still be able to work from home. Freedom is the new currency, and we should chase it at all cost.



00:28 Jay’s background.

02:28 Otter PR

07:42 The entrepreneurial side of Medicine

10:51 Current home

11:41 How Jay suffered and recovered from Covid

13:38 Learning from others. 

15:43 Jay’s superpower

17:35 How to grow as an entrepreneur



As an entrepreneur, you grow at a faster pace by placing yourself in situations where you have to learn something new. 


We have all the resources in the world to learn on how to successfully start and run your own business. You just have to be passionate about it and willing to put in the work until everything works out. 


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