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Effective Field Work Technology with Guillermo Salazar

Have you ever requested a service that required technical personnel, only for them to show up 48 hours later and use just a few minutes to solve the problem? Well, worry no more! Since with us today is one of the great brains that have created a model that creates an enabling environment for field teams to deliver services more modern and effective.

Guillermo Salazar, the co-founder of Raven Hockey and CEO of ICwhatUC, elaborates on the extensive use of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and on-video demand for field teams in the quest for better service delivery. Sounds crazy, right? For instance, if you have water leaks that require plumbing services, all the plumber has to do is use ICwhatUC to respond to your emergency with an SMS, followed by an instant video call on how you can resolve or mitigate the situation.

Listen in as Guillermo shares the AI roadmap in identifying data and transcribing the data. A technician is in the loop on the best action they need to undertake, given the circumstances of the call.

How does the Model Work?

The use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and on-video demand allows you to experience immediate transparency and immediate action on urgent matters to solve three things that customers hate most, namely:

  • Waiting- customers hate waiting
  • Having downtime
  • Waiting a second time when a technician shows up and they don’t have the right tools.

A virtual look at things in some situations really speeds up processes which in return saves everybody a lot of money, speeds up the processes, reduces emissions since unnecessary use of vans and trucks is eliminated, and the risk of showing up at a site without the right tools nearly impossible, thus saving on time.

When customers choose ICwhatUC, we save lots of money as trucks are not rolling as much, which reduces costs such as regular truck maintenance and environmental control through reduced emissions.  Secondly, a lot of time is saved since customer downtime is solved instantly, which leads to increased customer satisfaction and mitigates the risk of any of the three things that customers hate most from happening.

Listen in to learn more.


Guillermo’s Superpower


Guillermo strongly believes in working with teams to collaborate and bash ideas around, eventually ending up with the best idea. He is also good at finding whitespace opportunities and explaining them to other people through his partners.



[00:29] Getting to know Guillermo

[01:22] Understanding the fieldwork concept about artificial intelligence

[05:43] Three things that customers hate

[09:02] What happens when customers choose ICwhatUC

[13:51] Guillermo’s backstory and career

[23:23] The inner power that keeps Guillermo going


  • “The person who is least informed is the person that has the most amount of information.”
  • “The key component to entrepreneurship is making people’s lives easier.”
  • “Enabling visuals in some situations can really speed up a lot of processes, and save everybody a lot of money, time, and make it safer for the environment”.
  • “The importance of AI in fieldwork is that it enables people of the world to serve one another, which in turn enables those that receive services to be served by anyone.”

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The Power Of The Mindset With Donna Galloway

In this episode, I talk to Donna Galloway, the co-founder of 746 Shop, a seasonal destination location in Karwatha Lakes that provides a relaxing place to enjoy Karwatha daily Ice Cream treats, Food Truck, shop for apparel, and gifts. She is also the Marketing Vice President of Portfolio+ company that offers innovative and mission-critical solutions to banks and other financial institutions.


Donna shares with us the power of the mindset and some recommendations for entrepreneurs. Tune in to listen to Donna’s journey, the challenges she has faced and how she solved them, and other exciting topics.


“I’m a good listener and I’m able to make people feel heard.”


Why Kawartha?

Donna says that they grew in the area, so they were familiar with the area. They also knew a lot of people there. She also added that Kawarthas has a lot of lakes and tourist attractions.


Effects of Covid-19 in the industry

Donna tells us that they had to create in and outdoors due to Covid-19. They also had late openings. They had to move their ice-cream scooping site to an external window where people could stand in line. Online shopping also increased.



Donna says that the biggest challenge in business is to divert from the plan and chase another. Instead, they decided to make plans for each year, stick to them, and hold each other accountable.



Donna says that to open a business, someone has to have a passion for the idea. Be honest with yourself, what things will cost and how long it will take. Have a good plan, understand it and divide it into pieces and accomplish them.




In this episode:

[00:30] About Donna Galloway and 746 Shop

[04:00] Why Karwatha?

[05:00] Has COVID-19 affected the industry?

[07:03] Is 746 shop a passion or business?

[08:30] The fairy village

[09:18] Is Donna still focussing on her Web Development background?

[10:42] Donna’s biggest challenge and how she overcame it

[12:50] 746 shop products

[13:57] Donna’s superpower

[15:02] Recommendations for the entrepreneurs

[16:38] The power of the mindset



Notable Quotes

  • As an entrepreneur, you tend to create many businesses within the business.
  • It’s interesting to watch people who truly have a passion for an idea and then bring it into action and make sure it keeps going.

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A Door-to-Door Sales Guy Turned Podcaster- Travis Chappell

Imagine spending time in college pursuing a Bible degree and later realizing that it wouldn’t be helpful in your life. That would be sad.

In this episode, I have Travis Chappell joining me on the show. Travis spent time in college pursuing an unaccredited Bible degree which turned out to be useless for him. After college, he got into door-to-door sales and later transitioned to podcasting.

Today, Travis will share how he transitioned from a door-to-door sales guy to a podcaster, the course he is offering, and his superpower. Listen in and learn.

How Travis Transitioned from Sales to Podcasting

After college, Travis decided to venture into sales. It was one thing he knew for sure that would make him money. After five years of door-to-door sales, Travis decided to venture into podcasting. At the moment, Travis runs a successful podcast, he offers podcasting courses, and they have a podcasting software company.

Travis’s Biggest Surprise in entrepreneurship

One of the biggest surprises for Travis has been realizing that it’s not really about the idea. It’s about executing the idea and iterating it until you find people willing to pay you for that idea—then trying to take it to scale.

Travis’s Superpower

Travis believes his superpower power encompasses his relationships and his ability to communicate with his network.


[00:47] Getting to know Travis and what he is involved in

[04:23] Travis’s podcast

[05:30] Travis’s online course

[07:55] How Travis got into entrepreneurship and the biggest surprise he has had in the journey

[12:53] How has the pandemic impacted Travis’s business?

[20:03] Travis’s superpower


“There’s just a lot more testing and a lot more experimentation that has to be done in entrepreneurship before you find the thing that’s going to take off.”

“I think people give up too soon. Not because they’re quitters. It’s just because they don’t realize that that’s literally just part of the game.”

“Failure is the success tax.”

“Don’t spend the money. Invest the money.”

“Our most important asset and life is not our money. Money is by definition a replenish-able asset. You’re the medium of transfer. Your time is the only thing that’s inherently valuable. It’s the only thing that is by definition in scarce supply.”

“I didn’t choose a networking podcast because I was a great communicator, and a great networker. I chose it because I wanted to become that.”

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Dealing with your Shadow with Richard Schultz

We all have shadows that follow us. The fact is you cannot escape your shadow. The only time you can escape your shadow is when you’ve got a brilliant light shining through you. Your shadow is going to chase you around for your entire life until you go and shine light on it.

Today I have the honor of hosting Richard Schultz.  He is the founder of Wisdom Ways. Richard is passionate about shadow integration, and he will be telling us all about it today. 

Are you ready to deal with your shadow? Listen to this episode.

The Shadow Metaphor

Every one of us has a story. The stories originate from experiences, decisions, trauma, emotions, beliefs, mistakes, relationships, successes, and failures. Based on the origin of the story, we are all a shadow that follows us everywhere we go, and until we bring that shadow to light, we will never live our lives to the fullest.

Dealing with Anxiety

The first way of dealing with anxiety is awareness. You need to look at your life and come to the point of accepting that there is a problem. Once you are aware of the issue, it is easy to start looking for ways to address it.

Richard’s superpower

Richard believes his superpower is openness. It comes from my own shadow and dealing with his own shadow because his gifting comes from the shadow.


 [00:25] Who is Richard, and what does he do?

[02:04] Richard’s shadow integration

[06:33] Dealing with your shadow in entrepreneurship

[09:19] Dealing with anxiety

[10:44] Wrong ways in which people try to relieve the pressure of the shadow

[12:42] What do wisdom ways do?

[14:31] How Covid has awakened people’s awareness

[19:40] How to use your shadow to your advantage

[22:27] Who does Richard work with?

[25:58] Richard’s inner superpower

[28:30] Richard’s morning routine


“We can have joy, peace, love, and beautiful achievement in us right now. While we’re going towards a goal.”

“When you’re free from a lot of that monkey mind. You get just so much more clarity, creativity and imagination of what am I to do right now.”

“The only way to deal with the shadow is not to create a positive belief. I’m okay. It’s about going towards the fear towards the shadow, processing it and reintegrating it.”

“Life will show you a mirror to say hey, hey, this is what’s inside you fix it. I want to help you expose that awareness.”

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Jeffrey Shaw On Optimizing Your Self-Employed Life

Jeffrey Shaw is an entrepreneurship coach, photographer, keynote speaker, and an on helping self-employed and small business owners achieve an ideal self-employed life. He has so far released two books; Lingo and The Self-Employed Life, which focus on a business understanding its customers and how business owners can improve their personal development.

In this episode, Jeffrey shares with us his story, how he shifted careers, the major elements of the self-employment ecosystem, and some tips to achieving success in life. Tune in to listen to Jeffrey’s journey as he also shares about his superpower and other exciting topics.


“My inner superpower is my ability to take pieces and compose them into a whole.”

How Jeff Creates His Content

Jeffrey says he uses Google Docs for his content ideas.  He says that most of the content ideas come when we’re not ready. So it’s important to note the topics down even when we still don’t know whether it will be good for social media, Youtube, or articles. He prefers not to force himself into a box on how he’s gonna use the content idea.

He also insists on creating a habit to capture the content idea and ensure you have the time to execute it.

Personal development vs. Mindset

Jeffrey says there’s a difference between personal development and mindset. While mindsets are affirmations and small consistent behaviors that create sustainability, personal development requires the mindset for it to improve. The goal of personal development is to increase one’s capacity for their success.

Jeff’s Morning routine

Jeff has a specific morning routine that he believes can be the reason that he’s gonna reach 100 years. His day starts off with a 15-minute morning tea preparation, followed by a one-hour reading time (reading 100 pages a day). He then goes for a 45-minute walk with his dog while reciting his affirmations. After this, he conducts a 10-12 minute meditation before having a 5-minute journal.

Recommendations to aspiring entrepreneurs

Jeffry encourages people to buy his book. He says that there’s nothing out there that brings it out altogether like his book.


In this episode:

[00:42] About Jeffrey

[02:13] Passion for writing

[04:20] How Jeffrey creates his content

[07:15] How Jeffrey became a speaker

[09:57] About Lingo (book)

[11:16] The Self-Employed Life (Book)

[13:37] The three main elements of self-employment ecosystem

[15:14] Personal development vs mindset: The difference

[19:02] Jeffrey’s morning routine

[23:23] Brain Priming

[23:56] The power of recognition

[25:27] The problem with ‘fake it till you make it.’

[29:23] The power of faith and trust

[30:43] Jeffrey’s superpower

[32:28] Recommendations to people

[33:54] Why you should have ‘The Self-Employed Life’ book

Notable Quotes

  • Books don’t get written by inspiration. They might get started with inspiration but they get finished by discipline.
  • Lingo teaches an entrepreneur how to define their ideal customers and how to learn to speak their Lingo.
  • The lingo of your ideal customers starts with their secret language. It’s tapping into their emotions and understanding what they are not saying to you.
  • The reason why Self-Employment Life is unique is that how far we can go and how successful we can be is proportionate to our personal development.
  • The risk is not in building a business. The risk is in NOT supporting the business you built.
  • In order to achieve abundance, you have to trust there’s something carrying the weight.
  • If you want success in life, you need to wire your brain to recognize what success looks like to you.
  • If you want to stand out to your customers, you need to prime in their brains the emotions you trigger in them because you become unforgettable.

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Erin O’Hoski On Developing City Strategy To Improve The Community

In this episode of the Super Entrepreneurs Podcast, we are joined by Erin O’hoski. Erin is the Founding Principal of a firm called Boulevard Strategy Group, which works with mayors, city councils, managers, and the community to develop city strategy, and roadmaps. She has been working with cities and communities for almost two decades now and admits this has been her passion since.

In this episode, Erin shares her journey with us, more information about Boulevard Strategy Group, and some key tips for entrepreneurs. Tune in to listen to this and other educational topics.

Boulevard main activities

Erin tells us that Boulevard creates affordable housing in big centers. Boulevard also creates communities that celebrate inclusion and diversity. She also added that Boulevard creates a digital divide where everyone marks a top-notch internet that is reliable and affordable.


Transition into self-employment

Erin says that she was excited about the work she did to make cities a better place. She also loved the work she did with consultancy and firms when she was in central government. They brought a perspective she did not have. So she developed an interest and decided to do what they were doing. Since she was working for the municipal government, it was easy to make the jump.


Erin’s biggest surprise in her entrepreneurial journey

Erin points out that one big surprise was when she got the opportunity to talk to elected government officials about why they decided to run for government positions. She also added that she thought she would lose the sense of teamwork when she was a consultant in the municipal sector, but it was not the case!



Recommendations for entrepreneurs

Erin says that entrepreneurs should have a passion for what they are doing, love their clients, and make sure they succeed. She also added that entrepreneurs should believe in abundance. For you to win does not mean others have to lose.



[01:50] Examples of pivoting Boulevard Strategy Group works with

[05:58] Does Boulevard Strategy Group work with businesses?

[09:20] Mindset shift in the government organization

[11:30] Places they work with

[12:31] Transition into self-employment

[16:34] Has Erin ever considered online courses?

[21:42] New Zealand’s infrastructure

[22:50] Erin’s biggest surprise in her entrepreneurial journey

[24:55] Having your ‘why’

[28:58] Erin’s inner superpower

[31:25] The #1 Universal law in growth and success

[34:10] Recommendations or entrepreneurs


Powerful Quotes

  • If you don’t truly love what you do, it’s gonna be hard to wake up in the morning
  • With any entrepreneur starting out, you really have to have a passion for the field you’re in.
  • If we can showcase the very best of the best and get people inspired, I think that’s gonna lift up communities everywhere
  • You have to step back sometimes and take a look at what’s going on elsewhere and rediscover that inspiration because that’s how you’re going to deliver the best value.
  • Once you get disconnected from your why you can find yourself lost.
  • If you care about the client you serve, then you’ll be okay.
  • By working together, you can create more.
  • In order for me to win, it doesn’t mean someone else has to lose.
  • Behind every single No, there’s a big Yes.

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Embracing HR Technology with Rob Catalano

Do you want to implement new policies in your organization? Well, first you need to find out how your employees feel about them and how they will be affected.

In this episode, we have Rob Catalano joining me on the show. He will be telling us the impact he is making in the HR technology world.

Rob is the chief engagement officer at WorkTango. He is passionate about helping companies succeed by leveraging technology to make employees successful.

With his experience in HR Technology as a founding employee at Achievers, Rob co-founded WorkTango software that helps give employees a voice and companies actionable insight. WorkTango works towards shifting employee feedback to active conversations and enables leaders to act.


Rob's Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge for Rob has been discussions and decisions around infusing capital in a world where the world of HR technology is blowing up. There's so much investment and acquisition because now people realize all the technology they have had for their customers, prospects and marketing folks. For the last five to six years, the company has been client funded.

Rob's Inner Superpower

Rob Prides in his ability to work hard through unknowns.  He has worked with startup companies for over 23 years. Some companies had less than five employees and no clear path, yet he still made it through. According to Rob, it's always a matter of moving forward and just being relentless regardless of the obstacles that are in your way.



Rob's Morning Routine

Rob is huge on consistency when it comes to his morning routine.  His day begins between 5:30 am and 6:30. He starts with working out, yoga or meditation, then gets ready for the day. He then replies to emails, and makes sure he has time to support people and meet his employees.


[01:04] Getting to know Rob Catalano

[02:23] An example of how Rob helps small businesses

[12:55] The biggest challenge that Rob has experiences

[14:25] Rob's inner superpower

[15: 35] Rob's morning ritual

[16:51] Rob's plan for his company


  • "The next definition of growth is, we're actively hiring, bringing on people that are passionate about our passion statement."
  • "We're up against companies that are over a billion dollars valuation, and no one's matching the support scores that we provide our Customers. If we continue making the customer our core focus, we will be successful."
  • "Once you get funding, then you have to make decisions based on, making the dollars, it's not just about the customer experience"


Connect with Rob Catalano:




Understanding the Franchise World with Lance Graulich

Have you always wanted to understand the franchise world, but you have no idea where to start?  This episode is for you. We have a guest who is ready to spill all the beans on running a successful franchise.

Listen in as Lance helps us understand the franchise world.

Who is  Lance Graulich?

Meet Lance Graulich! He is the founder, CEO, and founder of ION Franchising, an industry-leading franchise consulting and development company representing over 500 franchise brands & business opportunities within 90 categories. Lance was a multi-unit, multi-state franchise of Wingstop and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. He has created countless start-up brands and has become the industry-leading doughnut expert.

Lance helps prospective entrepreneurs find their perfect franchise for FREE. He also assists independent business owners in creating a franchise system. Lance started in the family business on Wall Street after receiving an economics degree.

Lance's Niche

Lance mentors a lot of restaurant brands. When it comes to helping set up franchises, Lance and his team do a thorough competitive analysis. They have a multi-step process to ensure the franchise idea is viable. When you go to Lance looking for support in becoming a franchise, you need to answer the question to know the secret sauce for your brand and why it should be a franchise.

Lance's Inner Superpower

According to Lance's clients, his superpower is his X-ray vision. He can tell how the stock market will be in five years. He tends to see future trends.

Also, he can listen to people and find out what their special skills are, what they like and what they don't like, to find them their best business. If they have a business specifically in mind, Lance teaches them how to grow and scale that most effectively.



[00:28] Getting to know Lance and what he does

[08:28] Who can reach out to Lance?

[13:54] Lance's niche

[17:28]How Covid affected Lance's business

[22:22] Lance's superpower

[24:45] Lance's advice to anyone who wants to join a franchise


  • "I always tell people to look up for resources. There are local community development groups, and the Score Agency is one of them. Also, they'll find government agencies and  nonprofits that help people with small businesses and business plans."
  • "When you're a busy executive, instead of driving across town to attend an event now, you can jump online and participate all thanks to the pandemic."
  • "Nowadays, everything's on social media. So if something isn't quality, you're going to hear about it, you're going to hear somebody's opinion on it. Whether they're an expert or not, it doesn't matter."


Connect with Lance Graulich:




Changing your Mindset with Elizabeth Benton

How many times do you plan on doing something new, and you end up not achieving it not because you are not trying? Often, we find ourselves in situations where we need to change a particular thing in our lives, but fear and excuses stop us.

For instance, you decide you want to lose weight, but you find yourself making excuses to binge on things that won’t help you in your weight loss journey.

In this episode, I have the honour of hosting Elizabeth Benton to talk about changing your mindset. Elizabeth’s life is a testimony that if you change your perspective, you can achieve anything you wish to. Elizabeth shares her weight loss story, her experience with losing her baby just days after her birth, and how her mindset change helped her.

Listen in to this episode and learn.

The Power of Changing your Thoughts:

When we work on our thinking, everything becomes better. You can’t say I’m only changing my mindset when it comes to money only. It doesn’t work that way. It starts with changing your thoughts around everything.

Recommendation for Anyone Who Wants to Become an Entrepreneur

Specificity is a superpower. When you are vague and general, it's going to be very tough to figure out the next steps. Be incredibly specific. You need to be crystal clear on who you want to work with and how you will help them.

Elizabeth’s Inner Superpower

Elizabeth’s superpower is realizing everything can be thought about differently. It is also realizing that her first thought reflects where she has been and not where she is going.


[00:32] Getting to know Elizabeth Benton

[03:50] The power of changing your thoughts

[08:10] Elizabeth’s weight loss journey

[09:32] Elizabeth’s mentorship coaching program

[13:49] Elizabeth’s first book: Chasing Cupcakes

[17:12] Elizabeth’s second book

[19:09] Recommendation for anyone looking to become an entrepreneur/ self-employed

[23:59] Elizabeth’s inner superpower


  • “Every single choice we make in every area of our life is driven by how we think and most of us just go about thinking about things the same way and dealing with the frustration the same way.”
  • “When we work on becoming better thinkers, it applies to everything.”
  • “Specificity is a superpower. When you are vague and general, it's going to be very tough to figure out the next steps.’’
  • “If you want to grow, you can't continue with the same way you've always thought.”

Connect with Elizabeth Benton:

Making the Great Shift in your Life with Petia Kolibova

Are you at a point where you feel like everything around you is overwhelming you? Do you feel like taking your life would be the best way to solve all your woes? You need to tie a knot on your rope and hang on. Today's guest will be sharing how she attempted to commit suicide, and instead of dying, it gave her an opportunity of making a significant shift in her life.

Petia Kolibova will join us on the show to share how she made the great shift in her life and developed a relationship with the universe. Also, she will share her thoughts on the law of attraction, her superpower and vision, and her morning routine.

Petia Kolibova is a women's transformation coach who helps women who have been pushed down and been playing it small due to toxic relationships or unhealed childhood trauma to create a true life for them and their sole purpose.

Petia's Relationship with the Universe

Five to ten years ago, Petia knew nothing to do with having a relationship with the universe. All thanks to Gabby Bernstein's book, Petia managed to create a lasting relationship with the universe. Today, Petia enjoys a great relationship with the universe. Her definition of the relationship she shares with the universe is loving, expansive, ever-growing, and ebb and flow.

Law of Attraction

According to Petia, the law of attraction is undeniable whether people think it's there or not. There are so many science books out there that are confirming its existence. Petia lives it every day, and she can feel when she disconnects or goes against the law.

Petia's Superpower

Petia believes that her superpower is seeing the future self of people. She can see their potential, what's possible for them, and create the path to go there. She can see if people are ready for their future and guide them.

Listen in to this episode to find out more about the Petia Kolibova.


[01:18] Petia's relationship with the universe

[04:45] How Petia got her switch

[09:12] Willing versus hoping

[11:58] The fantastic benefits of changing your mindset

[14:08] What does Petia do?

[16:29] Petia's thoughts on the law of attraction

[21:37] Petia's superpower

[22:12] Petia's vision

[23:09] Petia morning routine

[24:41] Top three things that Petia is grateful for

[25:30] Petia's parting shots


  • "There are still sometimes days that I forget how guided and protected and loved I am. And I'm trying to figure it out and do it all by myself. Then I remind myself I have to relax."
  • "When we release and surrender, that's when we allow the abundance flowing in."
  • "You are the perfect limit for your purpose."
  • "When you're bad, negative, and you're old and all that, you always find issues coming into your life. These are experiments that people can try, but you have to get your vibration there first."
  • "Almost every program and component out there has a mindset component."

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